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Our Current Business Policies

Inception Designs has been in business for over 15 years. Over that time, we have experienced quite a few situations that would have benefitted from some kind of policy being in place. These are our current policies that were last updated in the end of 2023. These policies are subject to change and we will send out a notice to current clients if anything is updated. If you have any questions, please use the buttons below to get in touch with us. Thank you.

Business hours/Rates

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Inception Designs is open for business Monday - Friday from 9am - 5pm. We can work outside of those hours under special circumstances, but those are generally the hours that we are available for communication and/or meetings. We prefer to utilize virtual meetings for the sake of efficiency, and will be happy to make a physical visit to a specified location when gathering content for one of our digital marketing packages.

Our rates are $75/hr with a 2-hr. minimum for any kind of web or design work that is done outside of a contract. Existing customers receive the discounted rate of $65/hr. Payment is due when services are rendered. Any work that is not paid for within 7 days could result in a disruption of services.

You can send us an email at any time and we will respond as soon as possible during our regular hours.

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How does your billing work?

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If you have contacted us and requested pricing on a specific project, we will issue a formal proposal with a binding price for your needs. Terms & conditions for that pricing will be laid out in the proposal you receive.

For any work that we perform outside of an agreement, we charge an hourly rate. That rate is $75/hr. with a 2-hr. minimum charge. *Existing customers will receive different pricing, please review your invoice to see the rate* This applies to web, IT, and marketing services.

We understand that sometimes emergencies take place and will do everything we can to get you back to normal in the shortest amount of time. We cannot guarantee an immediate response every time.

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When are payments due?

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For website construction, we will issue you an invoice for a 50% deposit prior to the start of the project. When the site is complete and ready to be published, the remainder is due. The site will not go live until the payment has been received.

For marketing packages, we issue invoices in the last week of each month for the upcoming month. We ask that you pay this promptly, within the first 5 days of the month to allow us enough time to schedule your work and create your ads. We run all marketing packages between the 1st and last day of each month.

For hourly invoices that have been issued, we expect payment upon receipt or terms will be indicated. If there is no due date listed, our standard term is net-7. We prefer to utilize online invoices and ask you to address them when you receive them. Any balance due on contract work that is over 30 days will carry a 25% late fee. A late fee of $25 will be applied to any outstanding/overdue hourly invoice each week. Nonpayment for 3 consecutive weeks may jeapordize the standing of your site.

What about services that go unpaid?

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If you are under contract for a website, all relevant terms & conditions will be laid out in that document. If your business is utilizing one of our digital marketing or promotion packages and does not submit payment at the designated time, we are under no obligation to run your ads or services until payment is received.

If you have requested work for your business on an hourly basis, payment will be expected at the time that the work is complete. Our billing is issued online so that payment can be immediate. Inception Designs assists with some IT tasks and anything that is done outside of an existing contract will incur hourly charges. If payment is not revceived by the due date listed on your invoice, we reserve the right to disrupt service until the account is in good standing, or remove ourselves as your IT provider.

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What are your IT Policies?

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Inception Designs offers hosting and email services that can augment the web development and SEO that we specialize in. If you have a domain that was acquired through us, in the event of an outage, we will make every effort within our control to reestablish your connection (including email). If you have a domain that is housed in your own account, we will treat it as an external domain name and it should be recognized that you are responsible for your own billing and can control it as you wish. This includes email services. For any after-hours (after 5pm) or emergency work to reestablish email or web services, our hourly rate will be $65/hr. with a 2-hr. minimum. If the issue is our fault, no charge will be applied. These services must be paid for immediately.

We will be responsible for any hosting/publishing errors that take place because of our actions, and will reestablish a connection for your website to be published as soon as possible. If there is any kind of prolonged outage that is not within our control, we will work with the client to establish temporary hosting with another provider.

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What are all the services you offer?

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We offer a list of services that are associated with the creation and maintenance of your website as a business tool. These are services that we have regularly supplied our customers with over the years:

• Website design and Search Engine Optimization
• SEO adjustments to existing sites
• Digital marketing services & analytics
• Content creation for social media & video/photo services
• Branding and creation of business collateral
• Business consulting services as related to online visibility

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What if I would like to move my website?

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If we built and currently host your website on our servers and you decide to move your site or take your files to another server, it's not a problem. Please refer to the customer agreement that you signed when we first built your site. There you will find the clause labelled "Cooperation" in the Terms & Conditions section of the contract. It indicates that files can only be released if the project is paid in full, and the account is in good standing. Unless you have already made different arrangements in your contract with us, there is a standard $350 fee for any kind of file or domain transfer service. This covers us preparing a zip file with all necessary html files that make up your website as well as any supporting files, + images from the site or facilitating transfer of domain ownership. If you move your site after your yearly maintenance fee has been paid, no refunds will be provided. Please be aware:

• A signed & accepted contract supercedes this policy.
• If you don't have a contract, this section applies to you.
• Files supplied will be for the current site appearance.
• No technical support will be supplied for outside setup.

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Do you collaborate on projects?

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We will make all reasonable efforts to help you achieve your goal of establishing an online presence for your business. If you have paid someone to create something for your business prior to us working with you, we can implement that work with what we are going to do for you.

We do not simultaneously work with other designers/developers/marketing people on the same material or project.

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What's the Cost of Photo/Video Services?

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If you are utilizing our "Content Creation Bundle", that package includes images and video to be taken by Inception Designs for promotion of your business. If you are seeking our photo/video services outside of this, we charge a minimum fee of $500 and can provide a more accurate total quote based on the scope of your project. Please contact us to get more info.

For any on-site photo/video services that are on the outer islands, we charge a base fee of $750 for up to 4 hours of labor. Visits that consist of more than 1 day increase the cost of this package to $1999.99. For extended video/photo projects, we would begin adding cost at the rate of $199/hr.

Photo/video processing/editing services are done at the rate of $199/hr. with a 2-hour minimum. Inception Designs retains the copyright to any photo/videos obtained for a client unless otherwise stated or agreed to in a contract.

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What about branding/collateral?

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We offer services for logo creation as well as creation of marketing collateral like business cards, brochures, menus, etc. Logo creation begins at $399 - business cards at $299 (logo not included) Payment is required in advance for these services via online invoice. 3 options will be delivered (using any initial design direction provided by you) and once a design is chosen, there are 3 edits included in the price. Any additional edits will be assessed at $55/hr.

Once complete, we will deliver your logo in .jpg, .png, and pdf & .eps files, if needed. The logo & rights then transfer to you as long as your account is in good standing. We reserve the right to show any products in our portfolio.

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Policy on Analytics Data

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We offer analytics data management and retention for any websites built by Inception Designs. If you already have a Google Analytics account, we can install coding for you. If you did not have your own analytics account at the time we built your website, we will install coding from our own account for that purpose. A read-only access can be granted, free of charge, for 1 email address on each website from our account. Any further requests will be considered and a price assigned, if necessary.

We retain the right to keep the data of the website's performance from the time that it is established and control that information for an indefinite period of time. This applies to analytics data gathered by the account owned by Inception Designs. Data will not be sold or used for any other purpose by Inception Designs.

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Annual Hosting

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For customers that have a website built by us but, aren't very active on it and only maintain the yearly hosting, we will begin sending out annual renewal notices in late November of each year. The invoice covers the fee to keep it online for the upcoming year. It also includes a renewal fee for your SSL certificate to encrypt your site. Please note that Inception Designs usually closes down for a certain period at the end of the year and we ask that all invoices be paid by a specific date.

Any accounts that have not been paid by the designated date will be scheduled for removal on January 1st, and a late/reactivation fee of $150 will be applied to late payments.

If Inception Designs hosts a site designed by another company, there will be an annual fee of $500. This fee is due in advance to any changes in DNS/Nameserver alterations, regardless of any hosting plans previously in-effect, and renewals are collected at the end of each year in advance for the coming term. Subsequent alterations to DNS/Nameservers will be assessed at the hourly rate of $65/hr. with a 2-hr. minimum.

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Social Media Policies

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All of our digital marketing packages include some form of social media management. If you have signed up for any of these, please be aware that we will manage your existing accounts to possibly include paid advertisements as well as content creation, depending on what kind of subscription you have with us at the time. If we manage a social media account that you owned prior to working with us, those accounts will always be yours. If we established any accounts for you, please be aware that we retain the rights to those accounts and any content created by us for you. We retain the right to keep the content and remove the profile at our discretion upon any kind of separation of services.

Inception Designs will retain any profit that comes from monetization on content creation from profiles/accounts that we created.

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What Are Your YouTube Policies?

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If you have used our digital marketing packages, there is a chance that we have established a YouTube channel for your company. These channels are created if we determine that this would be a good medium to promote your business. The purpose of the existence of these channels are to provide an acquisition source to your website in order to encourage a conversion for your business.

The client has the right to share any content on the channel established for their business to other sources for the purpose of promotion.

Please be aware that we retain the rights to the creative material that is posted on the YouTube channel for your business. If we are utilizing a channel that has already been established by you, this does not apply. Otherwise, we retain the right to control/keep the content and any monetization that comes from such work.

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Digital Advertising Policies

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By signing up with Inception Designs, you agree to allow us to designate which ad platforms will get the most attention for you. We may change this as time moves along depending on data we acquire from your analytics. Approx. 25% - 30% of the package costs are assigned to pay for ads. If you currently use any of our digital marketing packages that employ Google AdWords, please be aware of the following changes:

For clients that have elected to increase the monthly cost of any of the above packages to increase their ad budget, we will now be doing a monthly reconciliation of ad costs instead of a quarterly assessment. Any unspent, monthly ad budget under $10 will be considered on-budget for the month. Anything over that amount will be applied to an immediate ad (social media or AdWords/whichever we determine to be more effective) until that amount is spent.

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Cyber Monday Content Bundle Policies

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For those that purchased a Cyber-Monday deal from us for 2023/2024:
• This deal must be completed within 6 months of the purchase date. I.E.: you may stagger or postpone the project for 3 months.
• For clients that need to have us visit any private residences or businesses to obtain images/content - please be sure to have the individuals sign any disclosure forms or grant permission prior to our arrival.
• We can visit multiple locations for this package. Up to 2 separate locations are allowed per month.
• Photo/Image processing is included in this pkg. If you have a desired look, please let us know ahead of time.
• Inception Designs will be considered the original author of these images with usage going to the client that purchased the pkg. Upon any separation of services, licensing is available. Contact us for terms.
• Images/video acquired will be used for online promotion on multiple platforms.
• This pkg. in non-transferable and not combinable with any other offers.
• Alteration requested outside of the parameters of this project will incur extra costs.

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Expiration Policies

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For our clients utilizing any of our digital marketing packages:
We run these from the 1st to the last day of each month. Invoices are issued in the last week of each month for the upcoming period, and that payment covers your ads and service for the next month. If your service is not renewed, we will not restart ad campaigns or publish promotions or content for your business until you have re-established service.

For web customers:
If you have a website built by inception designs, you should have a customer agreement to cover most aspects of this service. If we built a website or other digital product for you, please know that unless specifically stated otherwise in your contract, we will consider any previous arrangements as expired if it has exceeded a 6-month period with no communication or response from the customer. We will do our best to complete your project as originally intended but, there may be additional cost if a significant period of time has elapsed.

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Site Ownership Policy

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Inception Designs does not voluntarily build websites for our customers using any of the platform services. (I.e. WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, etc.) Unless specifically requested. Our web solutions are custom-built sites because of their superior speed, security, and ability to acquire organic traffic.

If we have built a site for you, please refer to your contract for the parameters regarding ownership of the site. If we have built a website for you but, there is no contract in place, our general policy is that the site belongs to you as long as all fees have been paid. As mentioned, our websites are and have always been custom-built and do not come with login or site access. Please refer to the policy on this page labelled, "What if I would like to move my website?" for further information on files. Transfer fees are at the discretion of the designer.

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