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Inception Designs is constantly reviewing and researching new methods, trends, and procedures to bring you the best information possible for your business. Please take a look at these articles to see if there is something beneficial to you. Then, contact us to see what we can do for you.

Should I Install an Online Store?

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YES! Seeing as how this recent pandemic has affected us, we need to accept the fact that things have now shifted, and it will probably not go back to the way it was. More people are ordering food, supplies, and goods now, than ever before, and they are realizing that it is actually more efficient and convenient than what we were used to doing before all of this happened.

Take a look at this brief article to see what I am referring to.

Inception Designs can help you set up an online store for your business, whether you are a food establishment or sell other types of goods or services. We can also update and alter your existing static site to most accurately help you communicate with potential clients. Use the button below to get started.

Does Social Media Help SEO?

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So many businesses utilize social media for promotion, now. It's a medium that used to be completely unavailable, and is transforming every year. Even in the beginning days of Facebook, hardly any businesses actually used to to market or promote their goods or services like they do today. But, does posting on your Facebook wall or posting a picture on Instagram mean that you're going to improve your ranking on Google? Read on below to find out.

It is a misconception that some believe that posting on Facebook, Instagram, or even Pinterest will allow you to reach a higher ranking on Google organic search results. It's a tricky topic, and here's the difference:

A post on Facebook about your lunch special will not tell Google that you sell food. Therefore, it will not increase your ranking. However, if you post about your special, and 200 people see it and visit your website, share the content and disseminate the link of your website...that's a different story!

What Google likes to see to attach validity to something, is organic value and true interest by the people that use the internet. Or, at least, connection between two valid websites that are mentioning/promoting another website that is valid and has the intention of providing valuable and accurate information on goods, services, or something else that people are seeking.

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media platforms offer straight forward ways to create and post ads on their platforms. These ads can be tracked by your SEO professional through the use of Google Analytics or similar programs but, they are separated into different types of traffic groups. Your organic search traffic should be the best traffic acquisition source you have, if not the second one. If your organic search is not at the top of the list, something is wrong and you should have a professional review and address it immediately. (*Please note - ads and posts are two different things and ads can help to spread the word differently than a simple post to your page)

Google's alogrithms for determining rank change regularly but, there has been confirmation that simple association with another website, or even something like being visible on the Better Business Bureau website will do nothing to increase your ranking.

If you are unsure of your current SEO status, or are not receiving the traffic you'd like to, contact us to perform a site audit/SEO evaluation. We can assist you with a further course of action that can help to get you more traffic.

Pros & Cons of Private Search

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What are the pros and cons of using a privacy-based search engine? Will it keep me safer? Save me time? Etc. Or should I not worry about it and forge ahead? There are a lot of questions and even some misconceptions about this subject, and the fact is that it can affect the overall internet if you use them.

Here are a few of the misconceptions of using a privacy search engine:

• It will keep you safer. False. There are always internet risks, and it's important to remember that these search engines only cover up your search history. They do not nullify any malware that's alread out there.

• There's no other way to keep my info private. False. By using Virtual Private Networks, or "VPN's", your IP address cannot be pinpointed.

• The search results are better: False. Since these search engines do not track your search history, they cannot compile data on your internet use or even determine the best location for your results. In addition to that, these search engines did not reinvent the wheel. A search engine has to find results somehow to serve to people, and a lot of times, they are using data that is aggregated from other search engines online.

It's important to remember that the current internet is in place because of the way Google created a system that studies your search habits and history and serves YOU the best results it can for your query. Bing and Yahoo are the next two big players in the game but, the majority of searches online are through Google. Additionally, while these privacy search engines can keep you incognito at all times, they also block valuable user information for companies trying to best target potential customers. The coding used to track online visitors is commonly blocked with these kinds of search engines, and then prohibits honest, viable businesses from being able to reach their main audiences. In all my years of using this system, there has never been a time that I was able to obtain private information like names or addresses of people that visited the websites that we manage. It does not go to that level of depth but, rather keeps it more generalized with info like, age, gender, interests, and general area. There are deeper drill downs like what kind of device is being used to view a website but, never personal information attached to it.

The fact of the matter is, that once a person has ANY kind of digital footprint, you're on the grid. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and many others all gather data on users. Yes, it's for the purpose of advertising but, the only true way to have no online identity whatsoever is to not be online. If you have a Facebook profile but, think that using duckduckgo will keep you hidden, that's not true.

Inception Designs has been using Search Engine Optimization for years in order to appeal to search engines in the serving of organic queries to those who are seeking products or services that they need. By trying to completely limit that will only limit the quality of search data. By all means, from time to time, if you are doing a sensitive search, these may be options for you and can be used on an as-needed basis but, we do not recommend using them exclusively. In order to keep yourself safe online, we recommend the following:
• Limit the amount of personal information you share online, mainly through social media.
• Make sure your settings for accounts are set to "private" so that your family pictures, etc. are not searchable.
• Do not download or click on any links that are unknown to you or have not been vetted by a reliable source.
• When transferring sensitive informaiton, do so under an encrypted connection.

If you need more help with your website's search engine optimization, please contact us to set up a consultation. Thanks, for reading.

List of SEO Basics

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There are simple and intricate applications to SEO. Like anything, there are some basics to put in place. As SEO professionals, we are used to dealing with things like this in order to get your site online and noticed. For people in our industry, they are "basics". To someone that needs to get online, they are much different. These are the things we can handle for your site and business. Take a few minutes to check out the article in the link below to get some more info.

Why do I need Analytics?

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Google Analytics is the most well-known and predominant analytics platform on the market. Considering the fact that Google handles over 75% of web traffic, they are pretty good at analyzing data. While it seems pervasive to some, things like this are necessary to create an online environment where everyone can receive the information they are after in an efficient way. Be sure to hire a pro that knows how to decipher the information and present it to you in a clear way that will benefit your business. Inception Designs is certified by Google in the use of its analytics program. Click here to read some important tips.

SEO they work?

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Ok, in a nutshell, using an SEO plugin on your template site (like Yoast) is better than having no SEO at all. BUT...that doesn't mean it's the optimal solution. WordPress and a few others have tried to automate as much as possible in this field but, the fact remains that there are several key things that they can't accomplish, and you still need to have a professional-level of training and understanding of SEO to truly leverage it for you. Our opinion is that you can squeak by using plugins but, to truly leverage SEO for your online presence, get in touch with a professional. Read the article for more...

Custom or Template Site?

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There are a lot of options out there to create a website for your business or service. With the advent of WordPress, many people started to control their own online presence. Soon, others followed and offer different features and options, all with the intent of allowing you to create your own website without hiring a professional. But, are they just as good? Better?

Admittedly, WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, and couple of others give you the power to get online quickly and fairly easily. In our opinion, it depends on how professionally you want your website to look and represent you and your business.

These platforms are all about convenience, or at least that's supposed to be the benefit of what they will offer over hiring a professional. However, by the time you either find a "theme" that you like and then alter it or really make some serious changes to the aesthetic of it, you've wandered into custom-built territory. By either learning to do this yourself or hiring one of the designers through WordPress or the others, you may as well have contacted a professional, anyway.

A custom-built website will not only give you more aesthetic control over the look of your site but, a professional web developer/designer can properly construct the site to fully leverage SEO to get you noticed and ranked on search engines. Inception Designs has brought together the best of both worlds with our "Insta Sites." These are sites that are prebuilt and have all of the important and necessary framework in place for a successful site for your business. They are designed for start-ups and the layout is hard-coded. Fonts/color schemes remain the same but, we will install your images, logo, and information. Once that is complete, we install Google Analytics, encrypt your site, and apply SEO to get you on thos search results. The typical time to get this kind of an option up and running is 3-5 days and it a very cost-effective alternative. Use the button below to see our current options!

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